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Thanks so much for your page on the blood diet scam.  I thought it sounded weird, so it's good to have that confirmed.

I was wondering though about the term "lysis".  I noticed it listed next to certain foods or spices, like basil for example.

Does this mean that basil is safe to eat...or???  I'd appreciate a reply.

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Yes, all foods are safe to eat. Understand that in testing these food substances for reactions, the researchers put them into contact with human blood of the various HBO groups, on microscope slides, outside of the human body. This does not happen when you ingest the foods of course, so the problem with the lectins affecting the blood cells does not occur.  

Lysis means that the blood cell outer membranes disintegrate, the cells rupture. So, if you injected the foods directly into your veins there would be a few problems ............, lol. 

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