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 Hi  There

I have found your info on  the blood group  diet and would like to ask a question. I  saw a naturopath about a month ago who put me on the diet (for o blood  group) and swears by it. She said that when I eat or drink  something on the  'not recommended' list, it is like I am poisoning  my system.

 I am just wondering, do you think this diet is true? I am afraid that if I have taken on the  doctors belief, then if I do eat something like wheat that it will  affect me, as it is all in the mind.

 I would be most grateful for  your opinon.

 Best  regards



Hi xxxxxxx,

 No, its not true. The naturopath who wrote the book claimed that ‘lectins’ in various foods interacted with  different blood types cell markers in damaging ways. This claim is untrue. We  have found scientific evidence that these lectins act exactly the same way  with each blood type, whether it is A, O, B or AB.  Please see the chart  on the page here. It will show you that.


There  is absolutely no evidence that blood type has anything at all to do with foods  that are good or bad for you. 

 Also, while we were using the blood type  diet, there were many people on his bulletin board who were blood type A who  reported experiencing  significant problems in a variety of ways. Most  were tired and sleepy all day, many gained unwanted weight, quite a few became diabetic. We noticed many type O people reported significant increases in problematic blood cholesterol, and they had terrible times trying to avoid eating some of the restricted grains – the body seems to need it, and  they actually craved it. They would periodically binge on grains, some going literally bonkers over it. Lol

Further, if you get a chance, look for one  of his later books (in your public library, don’t bother buying it) , called  ‘The Genotype Diet’. In this book, he claims the food you eat should be based  on various measurements, like finger length, the pattern of your fingerprints,  and other body measurements; not just blood type. Another unsound idea, totally unsupported by any scientific basis, just as his first book on blood type  diet.  So.....the naturopath completely changed his advice and claims; he apparently didn’t even believe his OWN blood type DIET!!   :D

 Some of  his most ardent followers found out after measuring themselves, that they had  been eating the wrong diet for years based on his new claims, YET they said  they had done well on the old diet which he now was telling them was  ‘poison’ for them. You can imagine how hard we were laughing at hearing  this....  






Greetings, thanks so much for your reply and for the info, I really appreciate it :)

Yes, the grain restrictions have been really challenging. I cut out all wheat and then I realised it was no corn either which then cut out most other things. I am already as skinny as a rake and felt like I have barely been eating and that it has been very unflexible.

The naturopath that I saw said the diet is anti-aging and it will sky rocket my energy levels which was the reason I consulted a naturopath in the first place but I can honestly say that I have been just as tired, if not more, on the diet.

 I really appreciate your time, thanks again.