A stellar piece of software


that you can download for Free.  From Stellarium.org,  a planetarium for your computer! This software is downloadable for Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux, at the link highlighted in the first sentence. 

In the Configuration window, you select your location. Move the cursor until it lights up a town near you where there is an observatory location, then fill in that location name (town, state or country)  in your Config window and 'Save' it.  My only complaint is that they need to add an input for Lat/Long as it is more precise a locator than trying to hit a spot on the tiny map. But the map method is close enough for most of us..

There are numerous options available for viewing the sky in Stellarium. You Artistic drawings of the constellations from historycan select linear drawings of the stars in constellations, or the names of these constellations, or drawings of the constellations as they have appeared in art in Western civilization.  You can display azimuthal or equatorial grids of the sky, nebulae, or search for specific objects, among some of the other options.

The program also  displays information in many different languages, as well as Search for deep sky objects in Stellariumshowing astronomical information and naming of stars/constellations in other  extant and extinct cultures.  Some of these are Chinese, Egyptian, Inuit, Lakota, and Polynesian, as well as Western. Look for this setting in the "Configuration" window, under the "Language" tab at the top.

I think if you try it, you will really like it. At least if you are a skywatcher to start with.  :)       I plan to make use of it on my cruise next month; it should be very helpful in viewing the southern sky.