Chateau Margaux is a French Louis XIV dollhouse, c. 1650. It was designed and built by Larry Osborn and Jon Fish of Good Foundations, completed in 1998. The house is front opening, with two rooms (the wine cellar and library) accessible from side doors. The whole thing is crafted like a fine piece of furniture, designed to last for many generations.Larry and Jon never build the same house twice, they would get bored repeating the same things over and over, so each of their creations is a unique original - with all the stress and headaches which that creation entails! Right now they are working on another house with many new concepts, which I am proud to be receiving soon.

Exterior - The chateau is a three-storied dollhouse, with a fourth false floor at the top. The ground floor masonry is rusticated, with stairs to the first floor. The piano nobile and upper floor are finished in a brick and plaster with pilasters. Their brickwork is especially fine, the scale and the resemblance to real brick is perfect. The slate hipped roof has three oeil de boeuf windows set into it. The rest of the windows are quite large to enable good viewing even when the house is closed. Look for the aging effects on the exterior, they add so much to the realism of the house.

Rooms- Wine Cellar - has built in casks and shelving, stone flooring, a vaulted ceiling, is cobwebby. It has wonderful indirect lighting set back from the opening so the light appears to drift down the stone stairs.

Kitchen - is typical of a kitchen of the period. A walk-in fireplace with a bread oven, and wood storage bin under the bread oven. There is a tile floor, beamed ceiling which is worn and sooty. I need to rough up my furniture a little to really compliment this room.

Library - The wall color is an oxblood red (a deep brownish red), typical of the period. There is a wall frieze that has sapphire blues, gold and red in it, with griffins and scrolls at the lower part of the walls, a stone floor, and built in bookcases. The room has a very warm, rich look to it.

Salon - Parquet cherry floor. The walls are aqua with white moldings and mirrored fireplace.

Dining - Floor is parquet cherry. The walls in this room are an off-white with matching paneling and fireplace.

Stair Hall - Walls are cream colored. The floor is a very fine diamond point pattern of deep grey and cream marble. The ceiling has molded panels. The stair hall doors open onto the salon and dining rooms, so you can peek through to other rooms; a touch I like very much.

Bedrooms and Dressing Room - These are in very soft, muted colors. There are ceiling cornice and chair rails in these rooms  

 Electrical System -The walls at the back of the house are accessible for wiring sconces and other lighting. The fireplaces are wired to accept the little flicker light fixtures. Bedroom floors have a removable set in piece in the parquet for access in wiring/repairing chandeliers. They do not use tape wiring, all is 20-22 gauge copper wire. Transformers (3) are located behind a wall in the wine cellar. The house is wired in series - one for the indirect lighting throughout the house, and separate ones for chandeliers/sconces and fireplaces. The transformers are supplied by the customer - some may want more or less lighting. Transformers, lamps and chandeliers installed by Michael Little, of Museum of Miniatures in L.A.

Size -The house measures 5' 7" tall from the base to the top of the chimney pots, is 45" wide, and is displayed on a table also designed and built by Larry and Jon. The rooms vary in size, the salon, bedrooms, and dining rooms are 16" wide x 19" deep, the library is 18" wide x 14" deep.


Larry Osborn and Jon Fish can be reached at:

Good Foundations

P.O.Box 1251

Wimberley, TX 78676