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Personal freedom
Date: Saturday, 2 February 2002, 2:05 pm
In Response To: Cheryl, I agree... whenever (Verna O+)

Your message made me think of what real freedom is. Real freedom is our own personal freedom. The freedom to be as good a human being as possible in any circumstance.

I am convinced that there are some Arab citizens living in personal freedom right along side those Arabs who live in hate, jealousy and fear. Part of my personal developement is realizing this, and realizing that no one is perfect. I refuse to join a tribal mentality of us and them. But I'm also greatful that there are soldiers and policemen out there protecting my right to exist.

In times of stress, like war, we must meet the challenge of remaining compassionate and rational human beings. It's easy to be loving and compassionate when there is no supposed threat. Which brings me to the illusion of security. Our warm snug little western lives, full of gadgets and luxuries present us with an illusion of security. I think that our real security lies in our loving relationships with the people around us. And in our faith of life and it's unending process.

If there is a contastrophe, what's more important, your beautiful custom made kitchen, home...etc... or your loved ones??? Where will you find help, with your posessions or with other people?

Tomorrow my son goes off to reserve duty, his first since being released from the army last year. He will be serving next to the Gaza Strip, right in the middle of the fire. I can worry and fret, but that won't help anyone, and will just cause me to be a nervous freaked out hysterical mom. So I concentrate on thinking warm loving positive thoughts whenever I see my son, and I will be sending those to him everyday, connecting with my angles. I can't control what will happen to him, but I can make his process that much easier by being cool and calm. I guess I've written about this, because I do feel anxious, that's only natural and part of the process.

If we look past the illusion of security we realize that our personal freedom lies in our love for one another, and our love for our beautiful planet. That's freedom for me.

Love and Light

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