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Hep A vaccine, and gamma globulin
Date: Saturday, 2 February 2002, 12:42 pm
In Response To: Hepatitis A anyone? (Verna O+)

Gamma globulin gives protection, short term. I had that once on a trip to China as was recommended for those with impaired immune function by the shipís doctor before going ashore for the first time. I had to really weigh the risks as its made from human serum, but they used a Scandinavian source so felt risk of HIV was absent. Weird, but it made me feel very healthy for weeks afterward, lots of energy, no problems; maybe my body needed it or is low in it to start with. While looking it up, I find there is also a specific vaccine for Hep A, usually recommended for traveling in other countries where this is a problem...Hereís one site giving info on it, there are many others, try a google search for Hepatitis A:


Gamma globulin info

A lot of people nowadays are afraid of, or distrusting of vaccination; one of my stepdaughters never got her baby any of the vaccinations, not for health beliefs, but only because she didnít like shots herself! When a pede found this out, the child was 2 already, and he had a fit, sheís just lucky she hadnít lost the kid by this time. She called me and told me what he said (I didnít know at the time she had avoided all the baby vacs) and I chewed her out too! Unbelievable!! and that baby had ALWAYS BEEN SICK!

Now all children have to be vaccinated against Hep B or theyíre not allowing them into schools, and its a 3 shot course over several months. Hep B can be fatal (causes severe liver disease, including liver failure, and liver cancer), can transfer with kids sharing food, drinks (its in the saliva in low concentrations), transfers sexually, and through contact with blood, its much more concentrated in the blood than HIV---100 times more) thatís why this is going on now. It used to be required only within the healthcare community.

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