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on the road again
Date: Sunday, 30 December 2001, 9:17 am
In Response To: the road... (Lynne)

She reached down and felt the cool steal object on the seat next to her. Suddenly, she felt a calmness that she had not known in many months. There was an alertness which seemed to fill her body, the alertness of an animal which hears an unfamiliar noise, and prepares to run or to fight. Such alertness sharpens the vision and now she could clearly see the exit.

The years rolled through her head with their hundreds of excuses and justifications. She had clawed her way out of the dingy, backwoods shack by finding an acceptable provider. She had been a good student. Could she have made it on her own? Her experiences had not given her the confidence to try. Her greatest talent was her looks, she had thought. Choosing a rich man to marry was the only smart thing that she had ever done, her father had said. That bastard!!

But looking at the years of unhappiness, she wondered if the climb were out of the mire or into it. She thought of the children, all grown now, who had not shown the love and kindness that she had once thought that all rich children would show. From her place in the shack, it had seemed that rich people were always content. They seemed to live ideal lives with parties and toys and space to breathe. She wondered what the children would think. She now was at a decision point; the exit was near. She pulled off onto the shoulder and slid her hand across the seat to find the cool object which gave her confidence. She pulled the car back onto the road and...........

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Memory rules!
Elena -- Friday, 28 December 2001, 10:55 am
And where is our 3rd sister's page
Cheryl -- Friday, 28 December 2001, 1:08 pm
the road...
Lynne -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 1:57 am
on the road again
Maggie -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 9:17 am
The nomad...
Elena -- Wednesday, 2 January 2002, 6:35 pm
Time Travel can be Dangerous
J.D. -- Monday, 7 January 2002, 10:42 pm
This story is pretty darned interesting J.D.
Cheryl -- Tuesday, 8 January 2002, 2:51 pm
Baywatch happens
Elena -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 10:42 am
Technically speaking... Cheryl?
Elena -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 1:04 pm
Fe Fo Fi Fum!
Jacques -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 2:54 pm
A universe in the life of an oxygen atom
Cheryl -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 4:42 pm
Thanks, Cheryl! (Jacques, please take a look too!)
Elena -- Thursday, 3 January 2002, 10:40 am