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What’s going on here? + Popeye’s persuasion
Date: Friday, 28 December 2001, 6:26 pm
In Response To: Spinach has Caused Popeye to Change Persuasion (Bob G(O) Field General le duc)

Good question, Bob. Been wondering myself.

Like in all cybernutrition, it’s mostly sisters here. I do not know why, but it seems the rule. Beyond that, not much is known. The profiles are heading for a mirror image of the Bronx zoo and do not help.

Then again, the sisters being in the majority could be the effect of natural evolution, or the environment.

“Genetic samples taken from the 1999 return of wild chinook [Columbia River Basin] show 80 percent of the females tested began life as males.” And do not think scientists have no humor. To wit: “If this is occurring every year, it’s going to reduce the number of females.” Same tells us why: “water temperature fluctuations caused by hydroelectric dams could be responsible for the gender-reversed females he observed.” Dam! This is a bad scene: “If that happens, generation after generation, it could lead to a shortage of females and cause a plunge in the population.” … Anybody on the salmon diet should be concerned—nobody has studied yet the influence of X and Y chromosomes in our animal foodstuff, or, if not, eat fast. No foolin’ here; here is the source:

Social changes like in the Bluehead Wrasse (Thalassoma bifasciatium,) a “coral fish that live in schools composed primarily of females and one to a few dominant males. If these males are removed, [or remove themselves, ed.] the largest female quickly changes sex and becomes a dominant male. This system insures that there are always both males and females in the schools; insuring mating.” Large females needed…

Ditto for the California sheephead, Semicossyphus pulcher. The female sheephead are rosy pink. Males are striped -- reddish-pink -- with a black head and tail. Maybe it’s time to go back and check the colors in the profile zoo in order to make head or tail of it.

According to , it’s all a fish story anyway, as: “the majority of reef fish change sex at some point throughout their life. In fact, reef fish that remain as the same sex for their life span (gonochoristic) are in the minority. There are many different patterns for sex-change. Some species will begin life as males and switch to females (protandry), and others switch from female to male protogyny. Further still, some will change sex in both directions [!], and others will be both sexes at the same time,” so any further pursuit in that vein will fishtail.

More simply, the Chevalier d’Eon may still be with us? “AV” stands as a nice hermetic symbol, and therefore poor hermeneutic value. A Duke might have a sense for that Knight of business.

You are the first General to venture in from other battlefields, but the stars here are not limited to five: they are all over the screen. They used to move and twinkle too, but it made the earthlings dizzy and Mango Raccoon pinned them down. They still shine though, but do not shoot. For that you have to go to the texts. (Pssst! I think some are random-generated)

Socrates is here: he drank the wrong juice. Jimmy plays ball but does not belly up to the buffet. Bond came by, yes, James. His Swiss compadre, Jacques has visited too, or is she Jacqueline Bisset? He/She says O is the type, Jackie O’ would make sense. O.L. Ing came but did not linger, just made a noise.

The topics are wild: ruby slippers, blue diamond shoes; cats, CAT scans and music cats; fear & loathing, pets galore, but unlike P.T.Anderson’s Magnolia, frogs rain here every day. Or are they princes—oops, meant toads?

Raccoons can do amazing things too: with every text submitted, the software scrambles the hidden file of real profiles, and publicly tags a fake random name for the post.



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Spinach has Caused Popeye to Change Persuasion
Bob G(O) Field General le duc -- Friday, 28 December 2001, 6:21 am
What’s going on here? + Popeye’s persuasion
Jacques -- Friday, 28 December 2001, 6:26 pm
your description is an interesting interpretation...
Lynne -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 12:13 am
No more big words
Bob G(O) Field General le duc -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 4:09 am
Ah, but the Chevalier would be proud,
Cheryl -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 4:40 am
Touche! Now for a humble example of my limited vocabulary
Bob G(O) Field General le duc -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 4:54 am
with apologies to Voltaire ...
Socrates_ -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 1:22 pm
See Maggie
Maggie -- Sunday, 30 December 2001, 6:37 pm
Wow, what titillating tintinnabulation!!!!!!!!
Oceangirl -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 2:36 pm
*L* General Bob, your wrath lacks verisimilitude
Oceangirl -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 2:12 pm
All Valid
Jacques -- Monday, 31 December 2001, 2:39 am