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mercury detox
Date: Tuesday, 3 April 2007, 5:35 pm
In Response To: selenium (Maddy)

: You mentioned you aren't cooking your mackerel...Is it raw?

Canned fish is steam cooked soon after it's caught. My mackerel is canned.

Dr. Elmer M. Cranton's Mercury Detox Protocol

1. Minimize exposure! Prevention is always better than treatment of symptoms. Be aware of your environment, what you eat and drink, what you apply to your skin and chemicals used in the home or at work. If a mercury thermometer or mercury switch breaks, carefully clean up the metallic mercury residue. Waste disposal facilities usually have a way to dispose of toxic substances.
2. With special laboratory tests, experienced health care professionals can evaluate the mercury load within the body. This can be done by measuring whole blood levels. Urine can also be used and but hair is valid only for mercury. This should be performed by a reputable laboratory, on the order of and under the supervision of a licensed health care professional. When urine is measured, no chelator should be given that could increase provoked excretion and cause false positives.
3. DMSA can be used to remove mercury and is taken by mouth. DMSA binds with mercury, arsenic, lead, and probably with antimony, bismuth, and gold, hastening excretion from the body. The usual adult dose for mercury removal is 500 mg DMSA (five 100 milligram capsules) on an empty stomach on first arising in the morning with a glass of water or juice, and no food for another 30 minutes. This dose is taken 3 days per week with at least one day between each dose. Monday, Wednesday and Friday is a convenient schedule. This is continued for 3 months. Then wait another month without DMSA before retesting mercury levels in the body, allowing mercury to equilibrate with blood and body fluids.
4. EDTA has little or no effect on mercury in the body, probably because mercury binds more tightly to other molecules and is present as organic methyl mercury. Mercury removal is the one problem for which oral treatment is the best choice, using DMSA by mouth.
5. DMPS is potentially too toxic to use and no longer has no place in the practice of medicine.
6. Nutritional supplements, that contain magnesium and selenium, along with a wide variety of other essential micronutrients, can act as partial antidotes to mercury and other metallic toxins.

Foods that exhibit specific abilities to chelate mercury are capable of crossing the blood brain barrier and thereby remove mercury from neurons. Chlorella pyreneidosa, an algae, has been shown to be capable of mobilizing mercury bound up in nervous tissue. However, the predominant ability of Chlorella to bind (chelate) mercury is seen in non-neurologic structures and compartments such as muscles, ligaments, skin, connective tissue and bones.

Cilantro, or Chinese parsley, can mobilize mercury and other toxic metals very quickly in nervous tissue. If the correct amounts of cilantro are given, the mercury contained in the nervous tissue is removed and can be measured in the urine, stools, or can be re-distributed to other tissues (e.g. connective tissues) for later removal.

Mercury that enters the body's mobile pool can be reabsorbed from the bowel contents in the small intestine and colon. Therefore to prevent this from happening, cilantro must be used in excess on the days that DMPS or DMSA is given. Bowel transit times must also be decreased to move the feces out of the body as quickly as possible. This can be accomplished by using large doses of Vitamin C, magnesium and fiber laxatives.

I usually include cilantro in my salad, along with the mackerel.

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