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The Torah Code link
Date: Sunday, 25 March 2007, 1:10 am
In Response To: The problem with the code (Cheryl)

: But they were finding all this HILLARY-ous stuff on one page
Once they found what page it was located on, then they only needed to look at one page. I don't believe the "Prophecy Seekers" just randomly picked a page and said "Wha'cha got on Hillary". They searched a 1,000 pages and found it and said, "There she is on page 612."

The beauty of the Isaiah 53 is that the encrypted message pertains to the overt text. That defies any chance of coincidence. That was predicting the future because it was written centuries before Christ.

Since there isn't a Book of Hillary in the Torah
(I don't think), we can't make that analogy.

Can Codes be Used to Predict the Future?

Harold Gans, Director of Research for Aish HaTorah, spent 28 years as Senior Cryptologic Mathematician with the National Security Agency, United States Department of Defense.

Many people have asked the following question: "If the future is encoded in the Torah, why can we not use the codes to predict the future?" I will provide a couple of simple answers.

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