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The problem with the code
Date: Sunday, 25 March 2007, 12:10 am
In Response To: Bible Code (Iggy)

: I don't think the code is useful for predicting the future.

well glad to hear that. I would not be looking forward to 2008, that's a certainty!

: Like I said, with a big thick book, you can search any word
: or subject and come up with a hit.

But they were finding all this HILLARY-ous stuff on one page at a time..
they didn't need to look on multiple pages to get this.

: Isaiah 53 comes up with dozens of hits relative to the overt
: text, but only needs 1 page, not over a thousand pages
: like the doomsday sites.

Doomsday. Good way of putting it. Fits the video doesn't it? Comparing Hillary becoming president to doomsday. Hmmm....

: A good book that gives a balanced study on the subject is
: "Cosmic Codes" by Chuck Missler.

: The two books that broke the story are "The Bible
: Code" &
: "The Bible Code II", both by Michael Drosnin, an
: avowed atheist.

I'd have to look those up and read them. Put them in the queue for reading I mean.

But using just logic, it still is a big problem for me. Here's why. If anything was hidden in there, and if (big if) any of it was actually inspired at the time it was written, all of us today would only be able to find anything meaningful if we looked at the Original text as It was Written at the other words the Aramaic, and for the newer books, the Greek. I've read the Greek and it is an entertaining and lively story. Nothing like what is available in English language.

Using the King James version, or other modern translations, this just isn't going to work. Right???? There's no way it could come up with anything meaningful, and certainly not come up with anything that was put there intentionally.


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