An Intro and Summary of the Correspondence with Dr. Arpad Pusztai about Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet

This correspondence with Dr. Pusztai was initiated in order to find an explanation of the statement below made by Dr. Nadeau. This was to be used in a disciplinary hearing of Julie Briere, a Canadian Nutritionist who used Dr. D'Adamo's Blood Type Diet with her clients. The criticism document was written by Mrs. Michele Houde Nadeau on the Blood Type Diet. Dr. Houde Nadeau would be testifying against Julie Briere using this document. The statement in question was the following:

But most of us are protected against lectins effect because the glucides of cellular membranes are protected by molecules of sialic acid. Lectins thus cannot bind themselves to them to impact them. Cells become vulnerable to lectins only when the sialic acid protection is removed, for example under the influence of an enzyme (neurominidase) present in some micro-organisms such as the influenza virus and streptococcus9. This allows to put forward the hypothesis that lectins might be linked to some diseases appearing the following of some infections

I wrote Dr. Arpad Pusztai because he had spent his whole career studying lectins, had written the "Handbook of Plant Lectins", THE Reference Book on plant lectins. D'Adamo used him as a reference in his books and in this paper. I thought that Dr. Pusztai might be able to shed some light on the whole matter. Didn't really think I would get a reply.. but thought, why not give it a shot?

So I wrote Dr. Pusztai, sent him the statement about sialic acid and asked if this statement was true/false. That first letter is here: First Letter to Dr. Pusztai. I also sent him the I also sent him Dr. Nadeau's Criticism and Dr. D'Adamo's Rebuttal so he could read both sides.

Well, to my surprise, Dr. Arpad Pusztai answered my letter: answer to sialic acid question. Not only did he respond, but he really took the time to try to answer my questions and explain them in a way that I could understand. So, began a very illuminating, and interesting correspondence with Dr. Arpad Pusztai.

I have put up here - with his permission - what Dr. Arpad Pusztai told me about the Blood Type Diet.